LONG ISLAND, Central Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy

Listening Difficulties (auditory and language processing)

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is characterized, in general, by an individual having difficulty processing speech. The diagnosis can be difficult because many areas of the brain (e.g. cognitive, attention, and language) play important roles in processing sound. Just because a child has problems listening does not mean that the child has a central auditory processing disorder. CAPD must be diagnosed by a multidisciplinary team, including an audiologist. The child must be at least 7 or 8 years of age to be tested.

The goal of the therapy is to:

  1. Improve the child’s auditory processing abilities,
  2. Provide the child with compensatory strategies to facilitate his/her listening to speech,
  3. Modify the learning environment, e.g. working with the school and/or parent.

Early receptive language development is characterized, for example, by how well children follow directions, answer questions, and understand words, e.g. spatial terms such as the difference between on or off, or animals, e.g. show me the animal who meows, identify common body parts, and understand concepts, e.g. toy vs. food.

Delays in early receptive language development are characterized by the child relying on visual information to process spoken words, e.g. parents points to the garbage can and the child understands that the point means to place the tissue in the garbage.


Some students have difficulty processing or listening to language, particularly in academic settings. Some of these children need information repeated, they may easily forget what they heard, and/or they have trouble understanding what was said.
We help students: recall information, improve listening to spoken short passages, focus on important facts, understand complex language, use visual aids to facilitate listening skills, and take advantage of multisensory materials to facilitate learning.

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