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How Can the Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy Help Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease?


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a nervous system disorder that impacts one’s movement progressively. Over time, one of the main areas that Parkinson’s disease affects is speech. Parkinson’s disease deteriorates the volume and quality of one’s speech, and there is a lot of variability for how it occurs. Decreased speech production, vocal volume, and inflection will make it difficult for those with Parkinson’s to communicate clearly. This can affect their desire for social engagement and increase the feeling of isolation.


What is the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment LSVT/LSVT LOUD?


The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) is a type of speech therapy for those with Parkinson’s disease. It was developed in the 1980s by Dr. Lorraine Ramig for Mrs. Lee Silverman, a woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, with the goal of improving speech and voice quality over time.

The Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD speech therapy teaches individuals with Parkinson’s disease how to improve their voice. Loudness, pitch, and inflection have all improved after therapy, according to studies. The LSVT LOUD technique is a one-on-one intensive treatment provided by a licensed speech language pathologist. Participants attend 16 one-hour sessions over the course of four weeks and are assigned daily homework to practice vocal exercises.

LSVT LOUD engages people not only during their sessions but through tailoring assignments to the participant’s specific needs and interests. Developing solid technique, effective practice exercises, and commitment are all aided by setting personal goals for enhancing communication.


How Does the Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy Work?


The Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD speech therapy reframes motor learning and neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to unlearn–or to adjust sensory feedback–so that individuals with Parkinson’s disease can realize that their “louder” voices are within normal range. The level of their vocal loudness and the amount of vocal effort they put in when speaking are frequently misunderstood by people with PD.

The goal of the LSVT LOUD method is to:

  • Increase the volume of your voice
  • Improve articulation, intonation, and confidence
  • Alter voice and speech sensory processing


Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy


LSVT LOUD helps you communicate more effectively by allowing you to speak with a voice and loudness that others can hear and comprehend. The treatment is based on customized workouts that improve the larynx (voice box) and speech production system.

The treatment’s main goal is to “speak LOUD!” It does not, however, train you to yell. LSVT LOUD retrains the feedback mismatch that PD frequently creates, allowing you to develop and grow comfortable with a voice that you can use without strain at a volume that your friends and family will recognize as normal.

While LSVT LOUD concentrates on vocal volume, research shows that it can also aid with other communication traits, including articulation, intonation, and facial expression. To maintain permanent change, the Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD speech therapy requires hard work, continual practice, self-monitoring, and attention to specific activities. Throughout treatment and beyond, the standard of achievement is raised. Maintaining LSVT success frequently necessitates good feedback from others. This is an example of external cueing–it reinforces the effort and results obtained through participation in the LSVT program.

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What Does a Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy Session Look Like?


The LSVT approach necessitates dedication during the four-week training session and beyond. To achieve long-term outcomes, you must commit to 15 minutes of daily practice. The results of vocal and physical LSVT approaches can be maintained separately or together. Practice is the key to continuous therapeutic improvement success. Videos, tailored tune-up sessions, a feedback-generating medical gadget, when necessary, for vocal exercises, and community initiatives based on the therapy procedures provide ongoing assistance.


How Long is the Lee Silverman LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy ?


The Lee Silverman LSVT Loud speech therapy is an intensive program and typically lasts four weeks with four sessions per week or 16 sessions in total.  Each class is 60 minutes in length. On non-treatment days, patients are recommended to do home exercises twice a day.



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