Long Island Reading Fluency Tutoring

Reading fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Reading fluency greatly influences reading comprehension. Children must be able to read fluently in order to comprehend what they read, whether they are reading aloud or silently. Fluent readers read in phrases and add appropriate intonation when reading aloud.

Research has shown that students need frequent opportunities for substantial practice at their instructional reading level in order to achieve an appropriate level of reading fluency. Silent reading does not accomplish this goal. Frequent oral reading opportunities along with regular progress monitoring are needed to guide the child toward improved fluency.

We determine reading fluency by examining both reading speed and expression of the text. Very fluent readers are able to read text automatically and without effortful decoding of letters to sounds. Children must build a strong decoding base as well as a foundation of sight words that are recognized automatically in order to increase their fluency rates.

Slower reading rates can lead to difficulties in school, as they are often the result of spending too much time decoding individual words. This can lead to not having enough time to understand a passage or text as a whole.

Tutors may work on phrasing and intonation, echoed and repeated readings.

At Brooklyn Letters, our goal is to improve your child’s reading fluency with individualized lessons geared at boosting decoding skills.