Long Island Spelling Encoding Tutoring

Some students need additional support with their spelling skills. Many schools teach spelling with a bias toward visual modalities. A fun, systematic, and multisensory approach (incorporating visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities) best helps all kinds of learners learn spelling rules and patterns of English words, and helps them retain and learn how to spell.

An example of the multisensory approach to spelling would be the Trace, Copy and Recall method. Students analyze words and group them accordingly, e.g. regular, irregular, and rules, e.g. the Rabbit Rule or the Dropping Rule. Reading practice is also encouraged as a part of spelling tutoring, as it helps students develop the mental formation of sight words.

Our tutors work with multisensory approaches that include building phonemic awareness, strengthening sound-symbol associations, the seven syllable types, roots, prefixes and suffixes of words, grammar and syntax and vocabulary instruction.