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How to Make Working from Home with Kids Less Stressful


Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more parents have had to work remotely. And with classes moving online this school year, working from home with kids becomes a lot more challenging, especially when kids are begging for your attention 24/7. Efforts to please your children and your boss simultaneously can drain your energy and sanity pretty quickly.

Your career and childcare are equally important, so how do you maintain a balance? Your kids’ tantrums do not make a strong case for claiming worker’s compensation, after all. Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that could help make your life a lot less stressful under the given circumstances:


1. Set up a Timetable

Working from home with kids without an organized routine is the biggest mistake parents make. The hours you set aside for work should be void of other distractions. Similarly, the time you devote to your children should be theirs alone. Mixing your personal and professional life is always a recipe for disaster.


2. Lay Out Ground Rules

Your kids need to understand that your work is important, and they must not disturb you when you are clearly busy. Ask them to be on their best behavior, and reward them for maintaining discipline. If you have a home office, you can keep it off-limits during imperative meetings or discussions. Tell your children not to interrupt your work sessions unless there is an emergency. They can always knock politely and call you over instead of barging in and creating a raucous.


3. Plan out Meals and Activities

When children are to stay home all day, they are either always hungry, bored, or both. Prepping meals and scheduling activities in advance will save you from constant nagging. You can make lists for available snacks and fun activities in the house, and put them on the fridge. This way, kids can easily decide what they want without needing to interrupt your work.


4. Prioritize Schooling

If your child’s school is holding online classes, ensure their attendance. If not, use one of many online resources to help with homeschooling. In case your kid refuses to study, convince them by taking away certain privileges or offering an incentive. The child’s study time will free up a substantial portion of your day.

For children who need extra guidance on their school work, hiring a private tutor can help you ensure that your kids stay on top of their academic obligations while you fulfill your work duties. Brooklyn Letters offers in-home and online literacy (Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham Approach) and math tutoring services and speech, language, and feeding therapies in the New York City metro area seven days a week. Our private-pay online and doorstep speech-language feeding therapy, reading services, and math tutoring for all ages and all skills are individualized and adapted based on your child’s needs.


5.Alternate Shifts with Your Spouse

Having a spouse around the house to help while you’re working from home with kids is certainly a blessing. You two can alternate shifts for work and childcare. While one spouse is looking after the kids, the other can work in peace.


6.Put the Older Kid In-Charge

Kids aged 12 and above are capable of much more than you would imagine. Give the oldest kid in the house some authority and responsibility to help alleviate your household duties. If your elder child is not compliant, propose a benefit in return for their cooperation. Let it be something they cannot refuse.

Working from home with kids is a challenge for most parents.



7. Avail Nap Times

In my opinion, handling toddlers is much easier than controlling older children. The best thing about babies is that they need multiple naps throughout the day. When your child is sleeping, you can redirect all your focus towards work.


8. Be Straightforward with Your Boss and Colleagues

You are definitely not the only one struggling with working from home with kids. Be upfront about your duties, so you and your boss can accommodate each other. When having a conference call with peers, warn them of potential intrusions. This way, they won’t be taken aback, and you won’t feel embarrassed if your child interrupts.


9.Limit Screen Time

Some parents think that letting the child play on a smartphone or tablet or watch television all day is the best way to keep them occupied. This technique is not only ineffective but also extremely bad for your child’s well-being. Restrict screen time to two to three hours a day. Your children will value the limited time and pay utmost attention to what they are watching. You get a few more hours to work without disruption.


10. Make time for Outdoor Play

While you take a break from work, use it for some outdoor exposure with your children. Your kids get the chance to release the swarming energy within them. And when you return indoors, they are too worn out to bother you anymore.


Brooklyn Letters is an online and in-home speech-language pathology and literacy/math tutoring private practice. No matter the age and skill level of your child, we believe in our fresh and fun approach. Yes, we work with babies through geriatrics, as well.

For parents, we make remote and hybrid schooling easier. We offer parent training, family schedule management, curriculum adaptations, and small group pod instruction. This school year, we make sure our services have all your needs covered!

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Our special thanks to John for these tips on how to make working from home with kids a success!


John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on healthcare and personal well-being.He encourages readers to improve their quality of life by incorporating positive thoughts and actions.Blogging about personal opinions and life experiences makes him happy, and he is always open to constructive criticism.
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