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  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Saffady ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    My sessions with Karen have been extremely helpful. My speech has improved tremendously. In fact, I just finished 2 hours of conducting interviews with a consulting client via MS Teams and I have an upcoming conference call. Both my … More neurologist and neurosurgeon remarked about how good my speech is. Much of the day it is perfect, although I still have some rough spots when I get tired or speak too quickly. One of my granddaughters is a speech pathology student at Ithaca College. She sat in on 2 sessions while she was home for winter break, and she was very impressed with Karen.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Melissa Stevens ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Highly recommend Jill. She is a total pleasure to work with. After a few months working with Jill, my son is reading above grade level and LOVES to read. Mission accomplished!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Christine Weiher ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    We were amazed with Allison! She met my son at 2 1/2 years old, not speaking much at all, and over a computer, and she was able to develop a bond and friendship, so much so that he would look forward to his weekly computer time with Allison. … More I was not sure how the speech therapy would go- but we are so happy that we tried it out and continued. It allowed my son to gain confidence in his speech, make a new friend :), and also give him the skills and a bit of understanding of how to shape his mouth or where to place his tongue to make the proper sounds. We were extremely happy with Allison- she was fantastic to work with.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jeizel Rosenthal ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Isabel was WONDERFUL and our son absolutely adored her, and he is making great progress with his reading and writing.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Demet Evren ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Paige was great and we had been really happy with her. I would highly recommend her! I recommend Brooklyn Letters to whomever asks for a speech therapist.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Lesley Duval ★★★★★ a year ago
    Theo was fantastic with our 4yo son. We were very worried that his progress would fall off when we had to switch to remote sessions, but Theo kept our son happy and engaged through the screen. Highly highly recommend!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Samantha Packard ★★★★★ a year ago
    We've been working with Theo from Brooklyn Letters for close to 4 months now and the results are apparent; our daughter has vastly improved her speech in a relatively short amount of time. We make "Theo Day" a celebration … More in our house with pancakes for breakfast, and the enthusiasm is matched in the sessions. Theo is fun, patient, professional, and caring, and he gives us the tools to take the lessons beyond the session. Thank you Theo, and Brooklyn Letters, for helping our daughter express herself.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Travis Ricca ★★★★★ a year ago
    I worked with Alina to enhance my pronunciation, tone, and pacing while communicating socially and in a work environment. She was great to work with and clear about goals and learning objectives. The improvement from day 1 has been tremendous! … More
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Enrico Bermudez ★★★★★ a year ago
    Cathy has been excellent with us and our son. We will sorely miss her. He has improved significantly with Cathy’s help. Cathy was a true partner with us, especially as we pursued additional help through our son’s school system.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Kayne Elisabeth Wilk ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    We really loved working with Alina, she is so fantastic. Patient yet firm, and determined the best course of action very clearly and succintly for us. And it all transitioned so well to Zoom as well. I will definitely be back in touch for … More services for our other child after summer break!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jen S ★★★★★ a year ago
    Vera was amazing! My 11 yo daughter made progress so quickly and really looked forward to her sessions. She was kept motivated and engaged.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters susie tofte ★★★★★ a year ago
    The work that Allison P. did with our daughter over the years has been invaluable to us. Our daughter had such a good relationship with Allison, and it allowed them to work really well together - even remotely these past 6 months. This … More year, Allison went above and beyond by helping us throughout the neuropsych eval we did, trying to re-open our daughter's IEP at her school, and eventually landing her at our chosen school. She was in contact with our daughter's teachers, with the neuropsychologist, and made herself available as a reference to speak on behalf of our daughter's learning differences.
    Allison stopped by our house last week to give our daughter cupcakes and say goodbye, and I literally cried with appreciation for what an amazing speech therapist she has been. She has been our daughter's biggest champion. The new families that she will work with this year are lucky to have her.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Alicia Perez-Katz ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Sydney was great! Our son was sad to end his sessions with her, which says a lot. We appreciated her honest assessment of his skill level, and he now has materials to self monitor and practice. Thank you!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Jacob B ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We were delighted with Christie. First, and most importantly, our son made great strides under her guidance. So great, that we felt he no longer needed help! She was incredibly patient and kind with him and our son really responded to … More her. Christie was also great with me and my wife. She provided thorough and informative updates on our son's progress and which exercises she was using with him, so we could reinforce what she was teaching him. All in all, we had a fabulous experience with Christie and would highly recommend her.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Kristin Ames ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Our experience with Theo was terrific. Theo was great with my son. He developed a positive relationship with him based on sincerity, respect, trust and a deep personal connection. In their lessons, Theo was encouraging, creative and kind. … More He helped our son understand how to differentiate the sounds he made when he spoke, and gave him great exercises to practice every week between lessons. Our son was sorry to have the lessons come to an end, but recognized that Theo had helped him as much as possible and it was time for him to stop. Theo explained to him (and us) how to keep working to get the last 5%, and encouraged him to keep working on the exercises on his own. I have recommended Theo to another parent who noticed my son's improvement and inquired for her own son.
    We are all grateful to have gotten to know Theo, and we greatly appreciate all the work he did to help our son.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Aisha Holder ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    "I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Michelle Macroy-Higgins. We are extremely pleased with her work with our daughter. I was so grateful for my daughter to have a speech therapist who is a researcher (specialty in late … More talkers), graduate professor and practitioner. Her expertise was clearly evident in our conversations and work with our daughter. She was very responsive to my questions and often sent articles and other materials about language development that I found helpful. Thankfully, my daughter's speech improved tremendously. Michelle developed such a warm relationship with my daughter. My daughter was always excited to see Michelle and would greet her at the door with a big hug. Lastly, I would add that Michelle always demonstrated empathy with me as a mother who was initially worried about her daughter's language development. I could go on and on about how pleased we were with Michelle's work."
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Andrea Peartree ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Theo is a wonderful Clinton Hill speech therapist. We were really pleased with him. Our son showed drastic improvement, not only in his speech but in his confidence.
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters mario costa ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Alexa has been an enthusiastic, reliable, well prepared and caring teacher for our 6 year old daughter. She has been able to improve and increase our daughter's confidence lesson by lesson with patience and competence; through varied … More and productive didactic practice. Alexa has engaged our daughter in several activities that always kept her motivated and eager to learn literacy. My wife and I, both of us are educators, feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe Alexa's pedagogical skills. Alexa has had a big impact on our daughter literacy growth. Thank you Brooklyn Letters!
  • Google review, Brooklyn Letters Lily Alt ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We were absolutely DELIGHTED with Marsha's services. She was wonderful. We found her to be kind, fun, engaging, very knowledgeable. She provided us with clear instructions and additional written handouts each week. She engaged our … More son with different techniques and toys, and showed us how to use her techniques when we were interacting with him. I actually just texted her on Saturday - Our son finally said "more" - one of the target words we had been working on with her. It was a total joy to hear, and I had to share it with her - she wrote back immediately to congratulate us. I am so appreciative of her expertise, and wish we could have seen her for longer. I recommended her to another family in our neighborhood who is looking for a speech therapist.

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Speech Pathologists in New York City


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Speech-language pathologists (or speech and language therapists, speech therapists, or simply, SLPs) prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, cognitive-communication, social communication, voice, and swallowing disorders. Working with individuals of all ages—from babies to adults—SLPs conduct therapy sessions on a one-on-one basis and provide information for families, support groups, and the general public.

In many cases, SLPs work with other healthcare professionals to provide referrals and assessments. Speech-language pathologists treat a wide range of communication delays and disorders. These include:

  • Speech Disorders – These can occur when an individual has difficulty producing speech sounds and putting them together to form intelligible words. Speech disorders include articulation or phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, and dysarthria.
  • Language – Difficulties in understanding what was heard or read (receptive language) or using words to share thoughts and feelings (expressive language) may point to a language disorder. This can manifest in either spoken or written expression and may involve form (phonology, morphology, and syntax), content (semantics), and use (pragmatics) of language.
  • Voice or Resonance – Voice or resonance disorders refer to problems in how one’s voice sounds. One may sound hoarse, lose voice easily, talk through the nose or too loudly, or be unable to make sounds.
  • Social Communication – This refers to the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication. This includes how one communicates socially, how well one follows conversation rules and story-telling (the aspect of expressive language called narratives), tells jokes, and how one speaks with different people in varied situations.
  • Cognitive-Communication – Someone with a cognitive-communication disorder may exhibit problems with organization, memory, attention, problem-solving, and other thinking skills. This can be a result of traumatic brain injury, a stroke, dementia, and may also be congenital.
  • Swallowing Disorders – Also known as dysphagia, swallowing disorders refer to difficulties in chewing, sucking, and swallowing food and liquid as a result of illness, surgery, stroke, or injury.
  • Literacy – Individuals with speech and language disorders may also experience difficulties with pre-literacy and literacy skills (phonological awareness, decoding, spelling, reading comprehension, and writing).

Aside from the disorders mentioned above, SLPs may also:

  • Provide aural rehabilitation for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Work with individuals with severe expressive or comprehension disorders (such as autism spectrum disorder and progressive neurological disorders) and provide augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems.
  • Help individuals enhance their communication skills (such as modifying one’s accent) to express themselves more effectively.


Read our blogs to know more about SLPs and what they do:

What is a Speech-Language Therapist?

What is a Language Therapist?

What is the Difference Between Speech, Language and Literacy?

Executive Functioning


We are experienced to treat babies to adults with a variety of speech-language difficulties, including articulation/enunciation difficulties (e.g lisp, tongue thrust, and/or difficulty saying sounds, and more), speech delay (including apraxia, oral motor difficulties, cleft palate), late talkers/expressive and receptive language delay (including multilingual homes), autism spectrum, e.g. Asperger’s, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS), social language delays, disfluency (stuttering), and feeding delays (including picky eaters, oral motor delays, medically fragile).

Our Licensed Speech & Language Therapists qualifications include:

  • Masters degree in speech-language pathology
  • New York State and national certification
  • PROMPT training
  • We offer bilingual services (Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Greek, Swahili, Portuguese, Yiddish, French & Creole).

Learn more about: What are the qualifications for speech-language therapists pathologists?


We are like the Olympic coaches of language arts; we specialize in the complete literacy remediation package: reading, writing, speaking, and listening services for preschoolers to adults. We are experienced with the following, expressive and receptive language disorders (language processing), executive functioning issues, autism spectrum, e.g. Asperger’s, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS), central auditory processing disorder, language-based learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia), reading comprehension difficulties, and expressive writing disorders.

We bring activities, materials, and/or toys to your Long Island (Mineola, Garden City, Manhasset, Great Neck, Stewart Manor, Floral Park, Franklin Square, West Hempstead, Roslyn, East Williston, Carle Place, Westbury, Old Westbury, Mineola, Valley Stream, Rockville Center, Woodmere, Inwood, Long Beach, Port Washington, Roslyn, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Wantagh, Seaford, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Bethpage, Hicksville, Syosset, Jericho, Plainview, Woodbury, Centereach, Farmingville, Selden, Smithtown, Hauppauge, Sayville, West Sayville, Bluepoint, Bayport, Oakdale, Bohemia, Patchogue, Medford, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Nesconset, Setauket, South Setauket, St. James, East Islip, Hamptons, and more) home. Do you want us to provide you and your child with homework and/or carry-over activities No problem! Parents and their children who actively engage in the educational/therapeutic process, typically see more progress. For those parents who are unable to be present during ongoing sessions, we will contact you during our business hours to discuss with you how your child is progressing.

Don’t hesitate in reaching out to us! We are a local traveling educational and speech-language private practice based in Long Island and the surrounding areas. All of our speech, language, feeding, and math services take place at your home or at your child’s school.

Long Island neighborhoods we travel to
Mineola Garden City Manhasset Great Neck Garden City Park Stewart Manor Floral Park Franklin Square West Hempstead Roslyn East Williston Carle Place Westbury Old Westbury Mineola Valley Stream Rockville Center Oceanside Woodmere Inwood Long Beach Port Washington Roslyn Glen Cove Oyster Bay Wantagh Seaford Massapequa Bethpage Hicksville Syosset Jericho Plainview Woodbury Centereach Farmingville Selden Smithtown Hauppauge Sayville West Sayville Bluepoint Bayport Oakdale Bohemia Patchogue Medford Port Jefferson Port Jefferson Station Nesconset Setauket South Setauket St. James East Islip and more!
We also travel to Hamptons (summer speech-language therapy)
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Long Island rates
Speech Language Feeding Therapy Rates
  • $140-$185 for 60 minutes

  • $120-$160 for 45 minutes

  • $100-$125 for 30 minutes


*Please note that a few of our specialists might charge slightly higher rates than our average posted rates above.

**We do offer slight discounts for back-to-back sessions at your home for siblings. We also offer group rates if you create a small group (2-3 students) at your home, and these students have similar goals. We are not responsible for putting these groups together.

**We DON’T accept the following: in-network insurance (see below for more information), Early Intervention, Board of Ed. (CPSE, CSE, RSA’s), Medicare, etc. Out-of-network means that we don’t accept insurance. You pay us directly on a weekly basis, and we provide you with a monthly out-of-network receipt. It’s your responsibility to submit this invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement- scroll down to read more about insurance reimbursement codes.

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Craig Selinger


Craig Selinger is a NY State licensed speech-language therapist (pathologist) and a learning specialist, who works with babies, preschoolers, and elementary and middle school students. He makes house calls in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, and Brooklyn Heights. His expertise is early childhood speech-language delay, e.g. autism spectrum disorders, late talkers (and related disorders and delays), and school-age language-based learning issues, including reading and expressive writing remediation, executive functioning, and enunciation therapy (all ages). He is also available for evaluation and consultation services. Craig and his speech-language therapists team also offer telepractice or internet online speech therapy services.

Some of Craig’s homeschooling tips appear in Helpful Coronarivus Homeschooling Tips for Parents, which he wrote for NVLD Project. These articles provide tips and suggestions to help you educate your kids and guide them through their new homeschooling routine.

Craig Selinger Podcast

Join me and my guests as we discuss topics related to child development, education, therapy, and more! If you are a parent, educator, administrator, doctor, or therapist, join us as we engage in down-to-earth conversations helping each other grow as individuals.



Susan M.


Susan is a highly experienced speech-language pathologist with over 20 years in the field, and she prides herself on providing very personalized services which incorporate each student’s unique interests, and each family s style. Susan received an M.S. degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a B.A. Degree cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is licensed by New York State and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and certification as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped (TSHH) from New York State. She is PROMPT trained, Level 1; and has actively pursued other ongoing clinical training throughout her career. Prior to being in private practice, Susan worked in a hospital, school, and rehabilitation settings. She was a speech-language pathologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she saw children of all ages with very varied speech, language, and hearing disorders. At Einstein she served on the well-known Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Team (CERC) at the Rose F. Kennedy Center; and also treated adults with neurological disorders (strokes, head trauma) and voice problems; lectured to medical students on speech and language disorders in children and adults; and taught students from Stern College.

LOCATION: Nassau County(Great Neck, Manhasset, Port Washington)
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, speech-language evaluations, parent consultations, parent training
EXPERTISE: Early language development, articulation and phonology, Speech-language delays, Receptive/Expressive language delays, auditory processing, language processing, reading comprehension, executive functioning, autism spectrum disorders, and social-pragmatic language skills.
AGES: Infants through 21 years of age



Ms. Ewa D. is a New York State licensed speech-language pathologist with over 8 years of experience in the field. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, is a certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities, and is Level 1 PROMPT trained (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets). Ewa graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology and is currently undergoing her Ph.D. in Speech-Language Pathology at Adelphi University. Ewa has presented at professional workshops on topics of auditory processing, stuttering, and autism. She has experience working with children ages 2-21 years of age that encompass a variety of areas that include early speech-language delay, articulation and phonology, auditory processing, language processing, autism, executive functioning, fluency, and receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language difficulties. Ewa has also worked with students with Intellectual Disabilities, and other Developmental Disabilities who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. She is skilled in the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and high-tech AAC devices (Dynovoax) and applications (Proloquo2go, TouchChat). In addition to collaborating with parents and other professionals, she believes in a multi-modality approach to learning: Ewa takes advantage of each child’s unique strengths to help him or her acquire the needed skill(s).

LOCATION: Nassau County(Jericho, Levittown, Massapequa, Wantagh, Merrick, N. Merrick, New Hyde Park, Manhasset Hills, Manhasset, Port Washington, Great Neck, and other neighboring towns)
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, speech-language evaluations, parent consultations, parent training
EXPERTISE: Early language development, articulation and phonology, Speech-language delays, Receptive/Expressive language delays, auditory processing, language processing, reading comprehension, executive functioning, autism spectrum disorders, and social-pragmatic language skills.
AGES: Infants through 21 years of age



Carissa is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and a certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities who has been practicing speech-language pathology for over fifteen years. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from New York University Carissa holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). For the past five years, Carissa has worked privately on Long Island with students of various language learning difficulties ranging from preschool to adolescence. Prior to that time, she worked with middle and high school students with various language-learning disabilities including Attention Deficit, Asperger’s, Nonverbal learning, and Expressive/Receptive Language Deficitsat at Winston Preparatory School in Manhattan. In addition to being a Focus Instructor, Carissa was also the director of the summer school program for several years. Carissa believes collaboration with family members is crucial to a child’s development. She firmly believes in a team approach, collaborating with parents and related professionals. She prides herself on being innovative in her therapy sessions to actively engage the student.

LOCATION: Nassau County
Long Island: Mineola, Garden City, Garden City Park, Stewart Manor, Floral Park, Franklin Square, West Hempstead, Roslyn, East Williston, Carle Place, Westbury, Old Westbury, Valley Stream.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, parent consultations, and training
EXPERTISE: Early language development, receptive/expressive language delays, articulation/phonology, auditory processing, language processing, oral-motor difficulties, reading comprehension, executive functioning, autism spectrum disorders, and social-pragmatic language skills.
AGES: 2 years through adolescent



Jessica, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSHH, completed her Master’s of Arts Degree in Speech-Language Pathology at The State University at Buffalo. She received a full graduate research scholarship to study and conduct research in Motor Speech Disorders and was published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. Jessica holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, is certified as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped (TSHH), and is Level 1 PROMPT trained. For the past 14 years, she has worked at a prestigious Long Island School District and provides one-to-one and small group language and academic support to children with various learning needs. She is highly skilled at addressing speech and language difficulties as they directly relate to classroom performance, NYS learning standards, and curriculum. Previously, Jessica has worked at a private practice on the Upper East Side, where she assessed and treated Pre-K aged, school-age children, and young adults.

For all students, she develops an individualized curriculum based on their unique learning needs and provides an encouraging and supportive environment to enable students to improve upon their skills and enhance confidence in their abilities. She is experienced in a variety of areas, including articulation/phonological skills, expressive and receptive language, language processing, reading comprehension, pragmatic language, improving organization/study skills, and executive functioning skills. In order to stay up-to-date and be on the cutting edge of her profession, Jessica attends various continuing education conferences. Jessica is a dedicated professional, who combines a passionate interest in communication with her desire to help others. She believes in providing the highest quality service possible and her student-centered care focuses on strong clinical competence, individualized therapy programs, and close partnerships with family members, teachers, and other related professionals.

LOCATION: Long Island: Areas within Nassau County
Queens: Little Neck, Douglaston, Astoria, Long Island City
Manhattan: Upper East Side, Upper East Side, Midtown East, Murray Hill, Gramercy, Union Square, East Village
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group therapy (2-3 children), parent consultations, Speech/Language evaluations
EXPERTISE: Expressive/Receptive Language Delays, Reading comprehension, Articulation/Phonology, Social-pragmatic language skills, Auditory processing, Executive Functioning, Narrative skills, and Early literacy skills.
AGES: Pre-K through early adolescence


New York State-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities
Lori - New York State-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities

Lori is a New York State-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Lori completed her B.S. and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, summa cum laude, at CUNY Brooklyn College. 

Lori is currently a full-time speech therapist for the NYC Department of Education in a NEST school. She has been practicing speech-language pathology for four years, specializing in working with children with an autism spectrum disorder. Lori enjoys working on expressive-receptive language delays, reading comprehension, inferencing, narrative development, vocabulary, articulation, phonemic awareness, and phonological awareness (i.e., blending, segmenting, and manipulating sounds). Lori utilizes students’ learning modalities (e.g., visual, kinesthetic, auditory) to facilitate learning. Lori utilizes evidence-based practices such as Story Grammar Marker for narrative development, Expanding Expressions Tool and paragraph shrinking for language development, Frayer Model for vocabulary instruction, and Recipe for Reading to develop phonology skills. Lori uses a variety of visual supports that she created and uses on a regular basis to develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, and social skills.  Lori focuses on building foundational skills to aid in academic success.

Lori is an enthusiastic and creative therapist who believes sessions should be engaging and fun. She incorporates client interests and strengths into therapy sessions. She also believes that collaborating with other professionals, parents, and teachers is imperative for generalizing skills across settings. 

LOCATION: Brooklyn; Long Island (e.g., Bensonhurst, Midwood, Flatbush, Woodmere, Cedarhurst, Inwood, Hewlett, and Lawrence).
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy and group therapy, parent consultation
EXPERTISE: Speech-language delays, language disability, autism spectrum disorder, articulation, vocabulary, phonological awareness
AGES: School-Age


Master’s in Language Pathology

Allison is a learning specialist and NYS licensed language therapist.  She earned her B.A. and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from The State University of New York College at Fredonia.  For over 19 years, she has taught in schools, clinical settings, and private practice.

She is highly skilled at working with a variety of language, social/pragmatic deficits, and learning disabilities. She is experienced working with ADHD, dyslexia, and twice-exceptional students. As a learning specialist, she has worked with preschool, elementary, and secondary students for developing skills such as literacy (decoding and comprehension), writing, working and short-term memory, executive functioning, and social thinking. Allison recognizes the importance of developing customized learning programs specific to each students’ unique needs. She recognizes how organizational skills, sensory regulation, attention, written and verbal expression intertwine and impact learning.

Allison prides herself on her ability to effectively collaborate with families, teachers, and other professionals to encourage effective communication across all platforms and environments. She believes that a combination of evidence-based practice, parent/caregiver involvement, and engaging activities that make learning enjoyable is the key to success.

LOCATION: Long Island: Centereach, Farmingville, Selden, Smithtown, Hauppauge, Sayville, West Sayville, Bluepoint, Bayport, Oakdale, Bohemia, Patchogue, Medford, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Nesconset, Setauket, South Setauket, St. James, East Islip
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual and group (2-3 children) speech therapy, speech-language evaluations, consultations.
AGES: toddler-elementary school


M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD, Speech Language Pathologist

Danielle is a New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Danielle completed her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders with minors in psychology and Spanish from LaSalle University. She is Level 1 PROMPT trained (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets).

Danielle is currently a full-time speech therapist for a Long Island Public School, providing therapy for a culturally diverse population of elementary-aged students with a variety of speech and language disorders. Before this, she worked for an NYC preschool, early intervention agency, and a private school for students with autism spectrum disorder ages 3-21. Danielle has experience working with pre-school through adolescence, addressing expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, executive functioning skills, reading comprehension, fluency, articulation disorders as well as social/pragmatic deficits. Danielle has extensive experience working with non-verbal and minimally verbal children. She has developed and implemented both low-tech and high-tech alternative and augmentative communication systems including Proloquo2go, Touch Chat, Go Talk, LAMP, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). She has developed and utilized communication books and static visuals for verbal children who demonstrate difficulty generating and using language appropriately. Danielle utilizes a total communication approach involving oral language/word approximations, gestures, signs, and other visual communication systems to build communication skills. Danielle utilizes students learning modalities (e.g., visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to facilitate learning and utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices. 

Danielle believes in providing an interdisciplinary approach, communicating and collaborating with other specialists such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, families, and teachers to encourage effective communication across all contexts and carryover of strategies. She creates a fun, engaging, and functional environment to promote client success while addressing all communication needs. 

Location: Long Island-Nassau County: Mineola, Garden City, Floral Park, Franklin Square, East Williston, Carle Place, Westbury, Old Westbury, Wantagh, Seaford, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Hicksville, New Hyde Park, East Meadow
Types of Service: Individual Therapy, Small Group (2-5 clients) Therapy, Parent/Caretaker Consultation
Expertise: Expressive/receptive language delays, early language development, literacy, apraxia, reading comprehension, articulation/phonology, phonemic awareness, social pragmatic skills, executive functioning, language processing, sensory-based feeding, Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC).
Ages: Birth through elementary school.

Jenny W.


Jenny has her Master’s as a Speech-Language Pathologist from New York University and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). She has been working in the field for over 13 years and is currently working in an elementary public school. Throughout her work in the school system, she has worked with children from the ages of preschool to high school. She is experienced in working with a variety of speech and language disorders and delays including late talkers, articulation problems including apraxia, oral motor difficulties, language processing disorders, reading and writing remediation, fluency disorders, autism spectrum, feeding delays, hearing impairment, augmentative communication, executive functioning, and pragmatic language use.

Jenny is passionate about helping students achieve their full learning potential. At her school, she participates in a reading initiative and pushes into classrooms integrating various reading programs including Fundations, Lively letters, and Sounds in Motion. An example of a skill she focuses on is auditory discrimination of sounds with kinesthetic cues while describing how sounds are articulated.  While working with high school students, Jenny has helped students analyze chapter books in order to write essays.  She has helped support students so they are able to annotate, use brainstorming techniques, and incorporate structured paragraphs while writing grammatically complex sentences during the editing and publishing phases of writing.

Beyond her experience working in a school setting Jenny has worked in various environments. These include early intervention, nursing homes, and private practice. She understands how these delays treated early on in development can later help develop social and academic competence. Jenny has utilized a dynamic approach in therapy, designing treatment plans to meet her client’s needs while incorporating their goals and curriculum into the language therapy session. 

Jenny is an energetic and enthusiastic professional. She forms relationships easily with students and their families and enjoys working with all age groups, and diverse populations.

LOCATION: Long Island, teletherapy
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group (2-3 children), teletherapy, parent consultations
EXPERTISE: Speech, language, feeding, stuttering, and specialized literacy remediation.
AGES: Birth through adults.

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Nicole is a New York State licensed Speech Language Pathologist and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. She is also certified as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD). Nicole received her Master of Arts degree in Communication Disorders from Long Island University CW Post Campus and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Special Education from Marist College. During her professional career, Nicole has had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations and disorders. She also has gained experience in a range of settings including schools, daycares, specialized clinics and homes. Currently, she is employed at a Long Island public elementary school as a speech-language pathologist servicing students with a variety of speech and language disorders.

Nicole has experience working with pre-school aged children through adolescence addressing articulation delays, fluency, expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, reading comprehension, social communication, and executive functioning skills. Additionally, she has extensive experience working with non-verbal children. She has developed and implemented alternative augmentative communication (AAC) systems; including ProLoQuo2Go, Touch Chat, Dynavox and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS).

Nicole believes in providing an interdisciplinary approach. She regularly collaborates with other specialists working with children on her caseload and appreciates the importance of parental involvement. Ultimately, her philosophy is to create an energetic and engaging environment while providing effective and functional therapy in order to elicit growth in her students and instill a love for learning.

LOCATION: Long Island: Mineola, Westbury, Garden City, New Hyde Park, Roslyn, Great Neck, East Meadow, Seaford, Wantagh.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Individual and group therapy, speech-language evaluations, parent consultations, parent training
EXPERTISE: Early language development, articulation and phonology, Speech-language delays, Receptive/Expressive language delays, auditory processing, language processing, and social-pragmatic language skills.
AGES: Infants through 21 years of age

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Master of Science, Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP)

Shoshana is a speech-language pathologist who completed her Master of Science from Adelphi University and earned her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech and Hearing  Association (ASHA) in 2009. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Speech and Communications from Touro College in 2007. She is a certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities. With her Hebrew language background, she has also achieved an Israeli teaching license.

Shoshana’s experience stems from a variety of clinical settings and diverse populations with varying levels of severity for evaluation and treatment: school-age children (3-18 years old) in the public and private sector as well as the Birth-3 population through the Department of Health Early Intervention Program. Over the years, Shoshana has treated clients with deficits in literacy, articulation, social skills, expressive language delays, receptive language delays, fluency disorders, speech sound production disorders, central auditory processing (CAPD) & auditory processing and executive function. Her approach to therapy is to determine a client’s strengths and use them to address their deficits. Shoshana also has experience with adults with developmental disabilities where she targets social skills,  executive function, motor speech, and cognitive-communication disorders. She enjoys embedding literacy into all aspects of therapy and getting her clients to think and challenge themselves. Shoshana uses a multidisciplinary approach to individualize the therapy plan for each child based on individual needs and interests while keeping in communication with teachers, caregivers, and other therapeutic disciplines. Shoshana prides herself on keeping children engaged and taking pride in their therapeutic accomplishments while helping them meet their functional outcomes.

LOCATION: Nassau County- 5 Towns and surrounding areas, Lynbrook, Valley Stream, Queens- Rosedale, Laurelton, St. Albans, Far Rockaway. Other locations on a case-by-case basis.
TYPE OF SERVICES: Evaluations, Individual therapy, group (2-3 children), parent consultations
EXPERTISE: Late talkers, Prelinguistic Development, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Articulation, Pragmatics
AGES: 0-18

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New York State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and a Certified Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD); SAT Instructor

Jessica is a bilingual speech-language pathologist with a postgraduate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a master’s with the highest honors in Speech-Language Pathology from CUNY Queens College. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), as well as her New York State License and Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) Certification. As a speech-language pathologist in the NYC DOE public schools, Jessica believes in helping each unique student find their own path to success. Jessica employs multiple evidence-based teaching strategies to appeal to all learning styles (i.e., visual, verbal, tactile/kinesthetic) — and she also believes that everyone learns better when there’s room for some humor and fun!

Jessica specializes in instructing students from elementary through high school in the area of literacy (i.e., decoding/phonics, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, prefixes, suffixes, reading comprehension, inferencing, and vocabulary). Jessica is currently trained in the following reading interventions: SPIRE Reading Intervention, Phonics for Reading by Anita Archer, Ph.D., Wilson Reading System Level 1, Equipped for Reading Success by David A. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum, as well as Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See.
Jessica’s breadth of experience allows her to succeed in treating several other areas across the field of speech-language therapy. As a speech-language pathologist who has worked with individuals in preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school and life skills programs, Jessica excels at working with students on their pragmatic language/social skills (i.e., for individuals on the Autism spectrum), attention abilities (i.e, individuals with ADD/ADHD or Executive Function Disorder), and other language-learning disabilities . Because Jessica also holds a certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), she is an ideal educator for students and families across multilingual backgrounds.
Additionally, Jessica has been teaching SAT reading, writing, and math to high school students for over a decade, through various programs as well as privately and remotely across Long Island. Because of Jessica’s unique skill set as both a speech-language pathologist and an SAT instructor, Jessica is uniquely qualified to teach executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, organizing, time management, study skills, attention abilities) so that stuedents can achieve their future educational endeavors. Jessica herself scored in the 99th percentile for the SATs, allowing her to attend the University of Pittsburgh on a Full Tuition Honors College Scholarship, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude (with highest distinction) and Phi Beta Kappa (top 2% of the university).
Fun facts about Jessica: Jessica and her family toured 28 colleges before deciding to attend the University of Pittsburgh (Hail to Pitt!) When at Pitt, she studied abroad in Rome, which entailed eating pizza three to four times daily. A lifelong Italophile and Francophile, Jessica graduated with degrees in French and Italian Languages and Literatures. When she’s not teaching, Jessica can be found trying to locate New York’s closest replica of her Nonna’s pizza, while plotting her next transatlantic flight.

LOCATIONS: Nassau County, Long Island (Floral Park, Garden City Park, Bellerose, New Hyde Park, Great Neck, Elmont, Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, Lake Success, Manhasset, Manhasset Hills, Mineola), Bayside and Online.
TYPES OF SERVICES: Individual therapy, group
EXPERTISE: Phonological awareness/phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading/decoding, reading comprehension, literacy development, Executive Functioning, ADD/ADHD, SAT (reading, writing, and math)
AGES: Third grade through twelfth grade



Jenny graduate from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Communication and graduated from CUNY Hunter with a Master in Early Childhood Development. She is a New York State certified Early Childhood teacher and has been tutoring for the past six years.

Jenny is trained in the preventing Academic Failure approach (PAF), Sounds in Motion, and Story Grammar Marker and will train with an Orton Gillingham fellow this summer to help her work towards an Orton Gillingham Accreditation.

She currently works with kindergarteners at a Manhattan school on developing foundational reading and writing skills, literacy intervention, and reading comprehension. Also, she has experience teaching 1st-3rd graders on improving their experience working with children with ADHD, dyslexia, and language disorders, She believes that children benefit from detailed math skills and number sense, building up their mathematical knowledge from the concrete to pictorial to abstract.

Jenny will begin the tutoring process by developing a relationship with your child and start with a formal comprehensive assessment to create goals. She meets children where they are academically and helps them develop the tool to help them become confident and proud readers and writers.

LOCATION: Long Island
TYPES OF SERVICES: Reading assessment, building phonemic/phonological awareness and phonics skills, homework help, individualized reading instruction, and progress monitoring.
EXPERTISE: building phonemic and phonological awareness, decoding, reading comprehension strategies, writing reading instruction
AGES: Pre-Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

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